Lighthouse Recreation

Breakfast Providers

Set-up & Break down

  • The set-up must be 20 round tables with 5 chairs to each.
  • Food tables must not be put away until the Market is closed at 1.00 pm.
  • The Hall Board will put away your tables and chairs at a cost of $30.


  • Consistency is a definite must for the basic breakfast: a small breakfast consists of one pancake, one egg and two meats; a large breakfast consists of two pancakes, two eggs and three meats.
  • Use the sign “NO SPECIAL ORDERS” Breakfast is prepared as advertised only with a choice of bacon or sausage.
  • Pancakes must be 6 inches in diameter.
  • Groups must report their total breakfasts sold to the Hall Board.
  • Payment for kitchen rental will be collected the day of breakfast.
  • If groups want to add little things to their breakfast, e.g., a strawberry, a flower, etc. that is fine as long as the basic breakfast is consistent.
  • Groups must NOT run out of food before noon. If you run out, someone has to go to the store. We advertise it is until noon.
  • Left overs? If you have items not used, and you cannot sell to your members or return to the supplier, you could call the next group and ask if they will purchase from you. Suggestion for your members to bring egg cartons from home in case you have left over eggs to sell. Meats can be frozen if not previously frozen.
  • The kitchen is available on Saturday for prep before the breakfast, but only if the kitchen is not rented by another group. Please check the calendar right up to the last day.
  • Make sure you only use “lard” on the grills. Crisco is not Lard.


Currently the Hall Board is advertising the Sunday Market and Pancake Breakfast in the Parksville/Qualicum News and the LCCS website. We also have members that put up colourful posters at mail boxes and stores the week before, and a volunteer who puts up the large signs on the highway. There is a need for the individual groups also to advertise as much as possible. Please send out messages in your newsletters, and email your members as well.

Ordering Ideas

  • Pre-order sausages (Hertels) from Tomms.
  • Use small juice boxes to encourage less waste. This is completely up to each group.


  • The grill tops need special attention to avoid damage in the form of scratching and chipping. Scrubbers in the kitchen are stored with the large pumice stone.
  • It is important to light the egg grill from the bottom, and not to lift the grill top as this is bad for the equipment. Please request a demonstration if needed
  • Use regular lard when cleaning. Report any damages to a member of the Hall Board. There are 5 grease traps that must be left clean. Be sure to wipe cupboards and walls of pancake batter; it’s like glue to get off if it has time to dry.
  • Please use the rags under the sinks
  • Pot holders/oven mitts are now stored on the hook above the Fire Extinguisher and under the island sink. Do not put dirty oven mitts in the drawer with the clean dish cloths.
  • Make sure to cover the stove top burners with foil or the tin covers, to avoid spills on the gas line.