Lighthouse Recreation

L’Heureux Room

  • (Studio / Hobby room) – 19′ x 45′ ( 855 sq. ft.)
  • Laminate flooring. Plenty of electrical outlets
  • Great room for exercise, yoga, dance classes, ping pong, games or hobby & art seminars.
  • Excellent room for teaching small classes.
L'Heureux Room
L'Heureux Room

On March 30, 2014, the hall held a small ceremony to dedicate the ‘Hobby Room’ as the ‘L’Heureux Room’.

The work that Med and Lois L’Heureux did with Wally Millagan was instrumental in securing the funding required to build the hall in the early 1980’s. We were happy to see 3 generations of L’Heureuxs (with a fourth generation on the way) come to witness the hall honouring the work of Med and Lois.

Med and Lois L'Heureux group photo
Med and Lois L'Heureux