Lighthouse Recreation

Rent the Hall

Thinking of booking the hall or one of the rooms for an upcoming event?

To check availability or make an inquiry, our Booking Manager will be happy to help you.

Call Andy Mundy 778-424-9994 or email

  1. Rent the room which best suits your needs (see list below), having due regard for space required, accessibility, numbers attending, your budget, and your intended use of the facility. All rooms can be booked individually or together, or you can book the whole facility. Whichever room(s) you book, your use will be strictly limited to that space, and you will not be permitted to encroach into other rooms. Be mindful there may be users in other rooms.
  2. Check availability here – All booked events are shown on the calendar so you can see at a glance which rooms are free and when. Note: there may be a provisional booking which is not yet shown, so check with the booking manager to confirm.
  3. Look at the rental rates here – You may be required to pay a damage deposit. This is separate from and additional to the rental fee, and will be returned to you after the event, provided no damage is caused and the facility is left clean and tidy. Larger events, and those where food & drink is served, will incur a janitorial fee. The Lighthouse Community Centre Society has charitable status and is a non-profit society. Our rental rates reflect that.
  4. Read the conditions here & familiarize yourself with the requirements & your responsibilities as a user of the hall.
  5. Contact the booking manager by email or phone (see top of page) to complete a rental agreement. He will need your full name, address, mailing address (if different), phone number, email, room(s) to be rented, date of rental, event start & finish times, time to access the hall for setting up, time you will be finished clearing away to vacate the hall, approximate number of persons expected to attend, whether it is a public or private event, whether you will be serving food, whether you will be serving alcohol, and how you will be making payment. The hall is run entirely by volunteers. We do not have any staff, so you will be responsible for setting up and clearing away tables, chairs and any other equipment you use. Allow time for that.
  6. If it is a one-off event, you will have to make arrangements to meet the booking manager at the hall to let you in, and to secure the hall afterwards. If you intend to book the hall on a regular basis (weekly, for example) we can issue you with a key and alarm code.
  7. Make payment – Deposits are due at the time of booking. Payment for one off events is due prior to the commencement of the event. Regular users can make arrangements to pay weekly, monthly, or at any other agreed interval.

Available facilities with Wi-Fi, spacious parking, wheelchair accessible

main hall

Weddings, dances, plays, recitals, large meetings/conferences, trade shows

Board meetings, club meetings, strata council meetings

Keep fit, yoga, pilates, art class, smaller dance class, children’s party

Fully equipped for cookery classes or all your catering needs