Lighthouse Recreation

The Route 19A Studio Tour
Sept 21st & 22nd,10 am – 4 pm
Artists studio location details to follow.

Adina Barugolo

Amy Baxter

Bev Powell

Brenda Milne

Carla Flegel

Cindy Mawle

Debora Muñoz 

Don Cunningham

Donna McDonnell

Donna-Marie Lamb

Jane Cross

Janine Sibley

Joanna Recalma

Joe Smith

Linda Raven

Liz Barichievy

Lori Schiersmann

Lynn Orriss 

Madeleine Wood

Paul Crawford 

Peggy Burkosky

Peggy Logan

Philip Milton 

Sharda Murray Kieken

Sharon Hubbard

Sheena McCorquodale

Sylvie Bart

Sylvie Peltier

Tammy Stockman

Teresa Knight 

Wayne Paquin

Wendy Adams

Adina Barugolo

1045 Symons Cres, Qualicum Beach, BC.  V9K 1M8

“Acrylic on canvas. Watercolour. Mixed media collages using acrylic paint and magazine clippings. My work ranges from the antique architecture of Venice, of nature in Oceanside,and to the creativity of collage making.”


Amy Baxter

109 Noonday Road, Bowser, BC  V0R 1G0

I’m an artist and photographer who loves capturing the beauty of nature – birds, trees, sky, water – and finding zen in the chaos. I use photography to tell stories and capture moments that can never be repeated. I paint to express my emotions and capture moments that may not always be visible. I’m constantly exploring new ways to create art that will evoke emotion in others.  My photography has a painterly look as I use a technique referred to as texture layering. My paintings are in acrylic and I paint intuitively.  I tend to paint abstract or semi-impressionism with bold colours.

Anouk Jonker

Anouk currently resides on Vancouver Island, where she continues a studio practice and pursues a Ph.D. in art history from Queen’s University. Her academic interests include the history of art collecting and art connoisseurship, as well as painters in the Low Countries between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries. Her studies into the history of painting deeply influence her studio practice through her choice of subject matter and narratives.


Bev Powell


Bev makes creations of fused glass from both recycled glass and art glass. The whimsical cats and birds make people smile. Bev gets the greatest satisfaction from creating something from nothing so you will see glass trees made from wine bottles, dishes made from window panes, and glass hangings made from cut glass dishes. Recently she’s added painting on glass with high fire enamels to create unique glass tiles.


Brenda Milne / Indigo Moon Gallery

1645 Rodgers Road, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K 2B2

I take inspiration and creative ideas from many sources in various mediums. I love nature and the fantasy world where I create my own environments based on real places or things. I am constantly experimenting with different techniques and materials. I create art.


  Carla Flegel

1063 Ganske Road, Qualicum V9K 2G5

I am a watercolor artist.  My work is referred to as ‘painterly’. I have 50+ designs of all occasion greeting cards.  I produce mainly smaller painted works.  I am known for creating whimsical birds but also offer realistic paintings of lighthouse country and house portraits.   I offer a wide variety of skills based classes for watercolor painters of all levels.  Paint Party classes are a fun ‘try’ at watercolor and are available for private bookings. I have a full series of online watercolor classes and 3 books with accompanying video lessons. You can also  join me painting OUT THERE with a sketchbook in what is referred to as Urban Sketching or Pleine Air.  Maybe even join in the fun in one of my Mexican adventures !

Peaceful Reflections, Limited Edition ...

Cindy Mawle

465 Cowland Road, Bowser, BC  V0R 1G0

Cindy Mawle is a Vancouver Island artist who works out of her home

studio surrounded by forest on the central island. Her acrylic

paintings on canvas mostly depict her surrounding areas on the

Canadian west coast. Her main objective in these collections of work

is to express the calm and joy she experiences in each location. “I want

my work to present itself as a touchstone to our natural world. I

believe the more we connect to nature, whether in real time or through

art, the better off we are as human beings.”

Debora Muñoz

309 Kendon Drive, Qualicum Beach B.C., V9K 2N8

In one form or another I have been creating visual art works since my youth. I attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, spent 10 years teaching art, created visual artworks while in shared studio with fellow artists and I’m currently participating in an online level two master’s art program with instructor Pamela Caughey. I facilitated and participated in many collective community art projects. Received honorable mention at most recent collaborative art project: 2023 Exquisite Corpse Project at the MAC with fellow artist Sheena McCorquodale and Paulette Crampton. Over the years I exhibited my art works in Vancouver, annually in Prince George, and last year I opened Tall Tree Studio to the public during the inaugural Route 19A Studio Tour.
Acrylic paints & gels, ink, oil, chalk, pastel, watercolors, collage, pencil crayon, fabric, metal, glass, powdered enamel, organic materials, and wax on a variety of mediums: canvas, watercolor paper, wooden panels, copper plates, walls, glass, etc. Intuition, my heart, my soul, playfulness, and my spiritual connection with nature provide the creative energy and inspiration in all my mixed media

Don Cunningham

7801 Tozer Rd., Fanny Bay, BC  V0R 1W0

Don Cunningham is a retired art teacher and wood worker, with more time to devote to painting. Most of his work has been abstract and focused on process. Although he lives on the east coast of Vancouver Island he has always enjoyed his visits to the Long Beach area. His most recent oil paintings are colour studies that explore the changing light conditions of surf and sky in a direct and simple manner. As a woodworker, he creates elegantly designed pieces, from charcuterie boards to cabinets in locally sourced wood: arbutus, yellow cedar, western maple, etc.



Donna McDonnell

453 Balsam Street, Qualicum Beach BC V9K1H9

I am West Coast award-winning artist and printmaker, having worked primarily in pastel, watermedia, monotype, and other various forms of printmaking. I was a graphic designer and illustrator in Ottawa before moving west in 2006, and recently attended North Island College for 2 semesters in Printmaking. My inspiration is the surrounding natural environment on our beautiful Island and the challange of learning different ways to represent it.

Donna is an Associate member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA), and a Signature member of Pastel Artists Canada (PAC). Her work is in collections across Canada.


Donna-Marie Lamb  /  Coast gal Creations

In the world we live in, recycling what we can is so important. But up cycling is even more fun! My outdoor garden sculptures are created from as much recycling as possible. From wire, metal, cans, fabrics and so much more. Fabrics are dipped in a textile hardener that comes from Holland. Hardening like hard plastic gives the sculpture its security to be out in all types of weather for years to come.

 Jane Cross

270 Mill Rd, Qualicum Beach

I interpret my world in watercolour and gouache. My painting subjects are mainly boats and beaches.

Freebird Letterpress Card Set of 4

Janine Sibley

50 Captain Kidd Drive, Bowser, BC V0R 1G0

Inspired by the sea and sky, we are a small batch letterpress studio. We are all about designing for and printing on 100% pure cotton paper.

white raven in flight

Joanna Recalma


149 Cochrane Road, Qualicum, BC, V9K 1Z4


Photographer Joanna Recalma has been celebrating the beauty of the

west coast since she was a child. Recalma’s art explores themes within the

legends from her childhood. These stories offer different ways to think

about animals across space and time, in both spiritual and physical realms.

During the Tła’sala, or Peace Dances, a dancer’s movements shakes eagle down

out from the headdresses and the feathers float to the Bighouse floor,

symbolizing peace after conflict. Photography represents Recalma’s peace

after the practice of conventional law.


Joe Smith

Joe Smith Fine Art   /   5867 Garvin Rd. Union Bay

Specializing in landscape and West Coast subjects in a realistic style, his objective is to provide people with an opportunity to view the world around them by creating works that can stir the emotions. His work can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.